Breeze House Schools Programme, huge savings for Schools!

Breeze House Schools Programme, huge savings for Schools!

We have recently launched our exciting new Breeze House Schools Programme in which we support schools by funding half the cost of a Breeze House, which helps to provide an outdoor learning environment in a comfortable, safe, and well sheltered building.

We recently started this project with Horton St Michael’s First School in Rudyard, Leek where we contributed £7,200 to cover half the cost of their Empire Breeze House outdoor building.

The school spent a year organising a range of fundraising activities and used the monies raised to cover half of the cost of the Breeze House.

Karen Salt, who has three children at the school said: “Breeze House is a lovely asset for the children. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the fundraising for this project.”

Another parent, Angela Woodward said: “It is lovely for the children to have the outdoor space.

“It is fantastic that Breeze House has donated half of the cost of the structure and also put it up free of charge”.

Nine-year-old Tyraleigh Barwise added: “It’s very fun being in it because there is lots of space. It makes you feel like you are on holiday.”

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