Handcrafted with care

Handcrafted with care


At Mudd and Co, our kitchens and furniture are traditional in every sense: design, craftsmanship and materials. The attention to detail and quality of construction in our products is drawn directly from our appreciation of the antiques trade history and heritage around us at our base in the old market town of Leek, Staffordshire.


We are extremely proud of our kitchen and furniture collections, which are continually developing as we source inspiration from our surroundings. And, our team put their passion, experience and superior skill into each and every kitchen, so, you can be sure your kitchen is handcrafted with care.

There’s something rather special about knowing something is handcrafted: knowing that those fine details have been carefully constructed, molded and scrutinized to make sure the finished piece is perfect for you and your home.

It also gives you that sense of satisfaction knowing it’s unique to you, with character and charm you won’t find in anyone else’s kitchen. Our skilled team are experts in creating beautiful design that lasts. Every kitchen we create is carefully crafted to exactly what you wish for, and more.

And that’s why choosing a Mudd and Co kitchen or furniture piece, handcrafted with care from the moment you purchase from us, feels so good.


Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.
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